I am recording again and looking for some new cover art.  Anyone wishing to help me design a new cover should reach out to me and I will give you the specs. If I like it, I will pay for it. Dan@onlistening.net 

So far this season there is a local domestic violence advocate and an international expert on sexual violence and sexual harm. I’ll be editing and releasing these soon. 

And there are others on the agenda including psychologists - one who specializes with substance abusers and another Eriksonian clinician.  I am also trying to figure out how to be accessible to a wider audience.  

Email Dan@onlistening.net with comments, questions, suggested guests. Record yourself and send me the audio file as per directions on the main page, and put some reviews up on the major Podcast sites - that will help guide new listeners to the show. 

Take care of yourselves!

Dan Rosen