Fall has arrived here in the Northeast and it makes me reflect on listening. During an end of summer vacation by the Atlantic Ocean, I listened to the sounds from this part of the world. A near constant wind whisked through the pitch pine tree tops of Truro, MA accompanied by the drone of the crashing waves, rising and falling predictably enough to be soothing, and randomly enough to remain interesting. I was soothed: I find an ocean visit each year provides a relaxing, grounding experience which lasts for weeks afterwards. I simply envy those who live within earshot and eyeshot of the ocean. 

Returned from this respite, I am determined to build the audience for On Listening. You, who have joined me, know the value of listening and learning about listening: Getting people’s attention so they can or will listen is a challenge. So I thank you for taking the time!  As I conceive it, there are four main methods of getting the word out about On LIstening: Luck or “organic” growth meaning people stumble upon the podcast series; social media posts and blogs with accompanying likes and shares; advertisements; and ratings and reviews on the podcast sites. The last three increase the chance those social media and podcast platforms suggest On Listening to new audiences. I treasure current listeners like you. And I hope you will  simply share the podcast with friends, family or colleagues. 

Experts in the field recommend I spend hundreds of dollars per month (and more!) to accomplish effective social media posting, blogging, advertising, and ratings and reviews. As you may have guessed, this will not be happening. 

Here are a few reasons to stay with me despite my hiatus since the release of the interview with Herb Smith: 

  • Coming soon is a podcast with Michel Zaken as my guest - a secondary school teacher and Deaf woman recorded on video with American Sign Language. We discuss listening as it pertains to the d/Deaf and I personally learned a great deal from this. Michel was a fantastic guest, who spent time researching for this episode and put her whole self out there. It was an honor to receive all she had to share. 
  • I will continue to find interesting guests to challenge you and expand your consciousness of listening. 
  • I’ve learned so much in the course of this project. And I’d like to share that journey. I may even offer a course in listening. As my guest Judi Brownell, who you will hear from and see soon explains in a soon to be released episode, listening is a set of skills. Providing my listeners with a course - maybe just a few minutes a day - has become a goal of mine. 

You will be hearing and seeing more of me now that autumn is here. 

Thank you   

Dan Rosen